Corpo-real provides a lab-based community, located in Zwolle, where we investigate the implications of the idea of corpo-real. Here, ‘corpo’ stands for bodies in a general sense, not just the physical, but also the psychological, digital, virtual. And ‘real’ for the reality to which they relate. The French phenomenological philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty argued that the body-subject (“le corps propre”) is more than merely an object; it is in fact an ongoing necessity for experiencing and understanding the world in which we live.

We thus focus on researching this endless changing relationship between body and space. This is the foundation of our work with students: the body as repository of social reality and spatial truth.

Corpo-real is a two-year, full-time master programme in the field of interior architecture, with a particular focus on exploring the connections between theory and practice-based research. During the first year, students develop a theoretical research question, which they will then consolidate during the first half of the second year in the form of a written paper, while also exploring and challenging during this second year their theory through artistic and practice-based research. For their final thesis, as presented here, students are asked to demonstrate how the theory and the practice-based research are interconnected, and how this has led to new findings and insights.

We live in a time of large-scale, fast and urgent transitions, perhaps even in a world in crises. The Covid-19 pandemic has an immense impact on our societies, it increases social inequality, and has already changed our perspective on health care and the way we live together or travel. The current events within the Black Lives Movement stress the importance of social inclusion and economic equality.

Meet eight resilient students who have proven to be able to continue their studies during difficult circumstances, and are able to relate their research practices to everchanging societal circumstances.

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