In Zwolle

Zwolle is a real Hanseatic city, with small, winding streets and many unique shops and eateries.

Summer fair in Zwolle
Summer fair in Zwolle

The student association in Zwolle is very active, so follow Sooz if you’re interested. Unfamiliar with the city? Browse through the photo album below to get a first impression.

Odeon De Spiegel Theatre (a collaboration partner of ArtEZ).
Pop templee HEDON (a collaboration partner of ArtEZ).
Sailing along the canals.
Illustration alumni store (where they sell their work).
Wilderness festival (photo by Henri van der Beek).
Historical centre.
Listening to music from your boat.
Waanders in de Broeren bookstore.
Thor Cultuurschip (Thor Culture ship — a collaboration partner of ArtEZ).
Museum de Fundatie.
More than enough terraces!
Het Vliegende Paard: student food and a great bar.
Student artwork on the street.