In Arnhem

Arnhem is a city on the edge of the Veluwe and on the northern bank of the Rhine. The abundance of greenery offers space for all types of initiatives.

Arnhem combines city life and nature
Arnhem combines city life and nature

Arnhem lies just ten minutes by train from the student city of Nijmegen, which offers even more opportunities! Not familiar with Arnhem? Browse through the photo album below. 

Hoogte 80 (theatre festival)
The Sonsbeekpark is a hive of activity.
Tentstock festival, the hidden gem among festivals.
Arnhem by night.
Yes, this is also Arnhem
Jazz café (bring your instrument!).
Historical city centre.
Library/café/art house.
Stadsvilla: restaurant, café, and dance parties in the park.
Museum Arnhem (a collaboration partner of ArtEZ).
In the centre: the Aardvark by artist Florentijn Hofman (Fine Art alumnus).
Roof garden: food, drinks, and shows on the roof.
Roof garden 2: or you can take a bath on the roof (this wood-fired hot tub was designed by a Product Design alumnus).
Musis Sacrum (part of Schouwburg Arnhem — a regular collaboration partner of ArtEZ).
Pop temple Luxor Live (a regular collaboration partner of ArtEZ).