Studying with an impediment

A study impediment need not be an insurmountable obstacle for studying with us.
ArtEZ offers extra support where needed and where possible.

Presentation for ArtEZ studium generale
Presentation for ArtEZ studium generale

You will still be able to study at ArtEZ even with a study impediment such as a physical disability (handicap or chronic illness), severe family circumstances or while training as a top athlete. With the right guidance within our small-scale education and with the assistance of special facilities, most students with study impediments are able to successfully complete their study programme.

ArtEZ believes in opportunities rather than limitations and has formulated a policy on this. This policy provides room for additional support and/or, where possible, modifications, provided they do not lower the quality level of the programme.

Reporting a study impediment in advance

If you will be studying at ArtEZ, it is important to inform the student counsellor as soon as possible about your study impediment. We will then be able to organise facilities for you in a timely manner so that you do not experience unnecessary delay. Every newly admitted student receives a letter or invitation in August for an intake interview with the student counsellor. If you encounter a study impediment later in your studies, please contact the student counsellor immediately. You can request an appointment via the Digital Service Desk of the student counsellor's office (only accessible for ArtEZ students). 

Download Studying with an impediment at ArtEZ.