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Project: Art Based Learning

Project: Art Based Learning
Alphons ter Avest: Vogelaar, dag en nacht, 1998, 91 x 123 cm, zeefdruk, fosforinkt, De Groen Fine Art Collection.

Art Based Learning

Art Based Learning is an innovative educational concept for art reception for use both in the school system and outside it. Art Based Learning is about the creative dialogue between the spectator and the artwork. 

More information about courses (in Dutch) for Art Based Learning offered by CultuurCollege in collaboration with ArtEZ you can find at  https://www.cultuurcollege.nl/trainingen-kunst-en-cultuur/artbasedlearning or at https://www.vonkc.nl/actueel/art-based-learning-ckv-nieuwe-stijl

We are proud to present to you the first episode of the online masterclass Art Based Learning. The online masterclass is the first of 6 masterclasses that will be released in the next two / three months. The masterclasses have been made in addition to the exhibition Mieke Bal | Art out of Necessity with guest curator Jeroen Lutters. You can book your ticket for the exhibition via the website of Museum Jan Cunen.