Professorship of Product & Interior Design

The professorship focuses on the theme of 'Exploring the new domestic landscape'.

Woven nest of willows with seat and stove, final project by Arnold ten Katen
Woven nest of willows with seat and stove, final project by Arnold ten Katen

What does the Product & Interior Design professorship do?

Various scenarios of future living are being studied in collaboration with ArtEZ students, lecturers, researchers, designers, the business community, knowledge institutes and social organisations. This largely takes the form of multidisciplinary research, which in contrast to regular scientific research does not focus on the study of existing phenomena, but rather on future ones.

The main objectives of the Product & Interior Design professorship's research are:

  • to design scenarios for future living environments centred on human welfare and a sustainable society, based on state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of technological, economic, social and cultural developments;
  • to inventory, document, make accessible and (re)develop research and design methodologies and strategies for the purpose of a successful collaboration of product and interior designers within multidisciplinary teams;
  • to use the knowledge and research skills acquired in the professional training programme in a situational and strategic manner for research and design assignments;
  • to develop evidence-based knowledge based on initiated research projects and to make it accessible to education and the field.

Professor Jeroen van den Eijnde

Jeroen van den Eijnde was trained as a product designer (ArtEZ) and design historian (Leiden University). In 2015 he obtained his PhD on his research Het huis van IK. Ideologie en theorie in het Nederlandse vormgevingsonderwijs [The House of I. Ideology and theory in the Netherlands' Design Education] Van den Eijnde has worked for various professorships at ArtEZ. For the Art, Culture & Economics professorship he initiated and led the two-year RAAK SME project Open Minds Open Sources, which aimed to connect product designers to the regional manufacturing industry. In collaboration with the fashion professorship, Van den Eijnde was one of the originators of the recently founded of Centre of Expertise Future Makers, which conducts research into the development and application of new, sustainable materials and production techniques in fashion and design.

In May 2015 Van den Eijnde was appointed member, for four years, of the domain committee for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture of the Council for Culture, a body established by law to advise the government and parliament on art, culture and media. 



Jeroen van den EijndeJeroen van den Eijnde

Jeroen van den Eijnde