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Specific admission criteria for Trumpet

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific admission criteria for each instrument. You will prepare five pieces which differ somewhat in character and pace. During the audition, you will perform three of the five prepared pieces. You may be accompanied by your own band or that of the Academy of Music.

Important aspects that may be included in the audition and will also be taken into account during the evaluation phase:

  • A good basic embouchure that can be developed further;
  • Adequate technical command of your instrument;
  • An ability to play all the major and minor arpeggio scales and the chromatic scale. Scales should be played over two octaves, at least to the extent that this falls within the range of both the instrument and the performer;
  • An ability to play all the major and minor triads;
  • Following a brief preparation with sheet music, an ability to improvise on a chord progression;
  • An ability to improvise on a simple chord progression by ear;
  • Following a brief preparation, an ability to play a simple theme from sheet music; 
  • Along with the five pieces, you will also prepare two études from the classical repertoire and two from the jazz and pop repertoire.

Major lecturer

Jan  WesselsJan  Wessels

Jan Wessels