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Of course, you can address all your questions about the canceling of educational activities to your course. On this page, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions to all of you. 

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Update  22-03-2020 I 18:06
What about the 80% participation rule? 

Because ArtEZ had to close driven by a government measure, the current weeks do not count as mandatory participation. However, more and more lessons are given online. For these lessons a mandatory participation applies, these will be counted for the 80% participation rule. 
Might consequences of the corona virus or the measures taken by the government cause your absence from the online lessons, the exam board however can be flexible.

Can I do my admission test online?  

Entrance exams and auditions can, if possible, also be taken online. Live interaction however is required. Another requirement is the feasibility for your work to be judged online. 

I will soon have an admission test or audition. Will this continue to take place?

This depends on the course. It is decided per course whether online admission tests are possible and whether the original dates still apply. If you have any questions about an admission test, please contact your course directly.

Will my tests take place? 

Tests that can be taken online, will take place. Might you have any questions, please turn to your course’s Board of Examiners.

What about the Negative Binding Advice (NBA)? 

Are you a bachelor student in your first year and are you progressing insufficiently? You will not be receiving an NBA. You are allowed to continue your course and join the second registration year. However, in the second year, you still can receive an NBA. Do you expect to not progress sufficiently in your second registration year, discontinue your course in time. When in doubt seek advice from your academic career advisor or student counsellor. 

What about studying abroad? 

ArtEZ is helping all students who are abroad to get back to the Netherlands or home. In most scenarios, this has already succeeded. Sometimes, a student decides to remain abroad, for example, to stay with family or to return to their home country.  For this academic year, students of ArtEZ will no longer go abroad for studies or internships. 

What about foreign students studying at ArtEZ? 

ArtEZ has many foreign students that follow a course with us or are on exchange here via a partner institution. We find it important that they too feel at home here, during this time. We understand that these students, might have questions like: Would it be better if I went home? Or should I stay? What would be the consequences for the credits?  
We are trying, as much as possible, to let our education continue online. This is not always possible. We advise exchange students to contact the partner institution they usually study at.  Like ArtEZ, many partners will call back their students and guide them in this. ArtEZ will not send her students back to the country of origin. If you return without the request of the home institution, this will be on your own initiative and on your own costs or via your own travel insurance.    
Make sure, in this case, that you return timely when lessons start again physically. 
Foreign students who are doing a fulltime Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at ArtEZ are advised to stay in the Netherlands. From the Netherlands, they will be able to follow classes online. Should you still decide to return, this will also be on your own initiative and on your own costs or via your own travel insurance. Make sure, similarly, that you return timely when lessons start again physically. 

Any update regarding residence permits? 

It is also a comforting thought that the minister of education is now talking to the IND about the study progress requirements for students with a residence permit for study. As of yet, there is no concrete statement, but this too has the attention of the minister.


During a time when you spend a lot of time at home behind your computer, or on your smartphone, it is important to continue to pay close attention to your cybersecurity. Unfortunately, there have already been cases of criminals who abuse the situation. Therefore, an important warning: 
Don't recognise the sender of an email? Then be careful. Never click on the links in phishing emails. When in doubt, you can forward the email to They will look at it and give advice. 

Can I contact the student counsellor? 

Also in times like these, the student counsellors are attainable. You can make an appointment with them via the intranet. The appointment will be via phone. The student counsellor will reach out to you following the set appointment : 

Are RE:LINK and the Arnhem Student Point accessible? 

Yes, in Zwolle students can still reach RE:LINK. Pastor Martin Jans is available. Go to the RE:LINK website for the latest updates. 
In Arnhem students can still reach Arnhem Student Point. All activities are cancelled but you can still make an appointment for a personal telephone call with Iris Springvloet. Go to the ASP website for more information.

Until when does this situation last? 

Our buildings are closed for students until Monday, April 6 (inclusive), 2020.  

Where can I find more information about online collaboration / working from home?

ArtEZ works with Office 365. Office 3675 offers various apps for sharing documents online, digital collaborations, online meetings, online education.  More information about Office 365, tutorials etc. can be found here:

 Office 365 help and tutorials

What if I run behind on my studies, I have a visa or a scholarship that has progress indicators?

Student affairs is port of call for these very important and personal implications. No need for any action now only if the crisis prolongs for a long time.

How will ArtEZ inform me about changes in the guidelines?

We inform students and staff about major changes via this website and by email.

What is ArtEZ doing in the light of the corona crisis?

ArtEZ has formed a crisis team that is coordinated several times a day. This team closely monitors this evolving situation, and also develops different scenarios to be prepared for the future.

What is the guideline that ArtEZ uses?

ArtEZ always follows the advice and guidelines of RIVM (The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the GGD (Municipal and Regional Health Services[NS1] ) and Foreign Affairs. Following their directive on 12/03/2020, we have agreed that there will be no education in our buildings. 

Events or open days or not?

All events are cancelled. That applies across the country.

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