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Of course, you can address all your questions about the cancelling of educational activities to your course. On this page, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions to all of you. These questions are updated constantly.

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For how long will there be no educational activities in the ArtEZ buildings?

If things continue to go well with controlling the outbreak of the Corona virus, then we should be able to partially start again from June 15. We can then, on a limited scale, make physical use of our facilities for exams and practical education in workshops, studios, etc.

How do I follow my lessons now?

All courses are working hard on digital alternatives for education. Where possible, the lessons take place via the internet. Your course will inform you about this and let you know what is expected of you.

What about the 80% participation rule?

Because ArtEZ had to close driven by a government measure, the current weeks do not count as mandatory participation. However, more and more lessons are given online. For these lessons mandatory participation applies, these will be counted for the 80% participation rule. If your absence from the online lessons is a result of the consequences of the coronavirus or the measures taken by the government, the exam board, however, will be lenient.

Will my tests take place?

Tests that can be taken online, will take place. If you have any questions, please turn to your course’s Examination Board.

Should I deregister?

We advise you not to deregister because of the corona crisis. Deregistration not only relieves you of your duties, but also of your rights as a student. The right to education, student housing, study financing and study visa. As a result, you may also lose the right to compensation for costs associated with any study delay.

What about the Negative Binding Advice (NBA)?

(Negative) Binding Study Advice (BSA): The Board of Examiners has decided to suspend the upcoming binding (negative) study advice (In Dutch BSA) for first-year students. This means that all first-years may enroll in a second enrollment year regardless of the study results. Note: “postponement or suspension” does not mean that the BSA will no longer be given. It means that it can still be given a year later, at the end of the registration year 2020-2021 (June/Juli 2021). Students who are now in the first year of enrollment are expected to have completed the entire propaedeutic year (60 EC) at the end of the second year of enrollment (June/Juli 2021). If this is not the case, a BSA will still be given.With the annoying consequence that a student still has to leave the program after two years.

When in doubt, please seek advice from your academic career advisor or student counsellor.

Can I still study abroad during the coming academic year?

In the coming academic year it is only possible to study abroad on an individual basis. You need to make proper arrangements for this with the head of your course, the Student Affairs department and the partner institute or the host company.
Applications for the Erasmus grant for next semester are still being processed.

What about the ArtEZ libraries?

During the closing, our libraries continue to offer as many services and support as possible, check the website. All materials due in this period can be returned when we're open again, without any additional late fees. We keep you informed via email, ELO & Facebook. If you are working on your thesis or research and need help, please let us know. We are ready to support you digitally!


Do I have to keep paying tuition fees?

Yes, ArtEZ provides as much of its education as possible online instead of physically. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. To accommodate students, the government has set up two financial compensation schemes: 

a. allowance because your extra basic or supplementary grant is cancelled
This allowance is for students who will receive their last basic grant or supplementary grant payments in the months of July, August or September 2020 and who can only borrow after that period. For students in higher education with a supplementary grant the amount is €1,500.
>> For more information, please go to DUO.

b. financial compensation for tuition in the event of graduation delay
Are you obtaining a university of applied sciences diploma (AD, BA or MA) in the period of 1 September 2020 through to 31 January 2021? You will then receive a one-off compensation amount in the first quarter of 2021 equal to around a 3 months' tuition. For a student in higher education, this would amount to a one-off allowance of €535. This also applies to (international) students who pay institutional tuition fees. DUO will manage this compensation scheme.
>> For more information, please go to DUO.

Are you running into financial trouble and can you no longer afford to pay your tuition fees?

Then ArtEZ has options to help you. There are also options to borrow more money from DUO. Moreover, the rules are less strict if you want to earn some money on the side in addition to your student grant. But even if you have lost your sideline, there are options to help you. There are also opportunities for EU students who are unable to meet the 56-hour requirement. You can find more information about all these topics below.

How can ArtEZ help you?
ArtEZ would like to accommodate students who run into difficulties due to the consequences of the coronary measures. Are you running into financial trouble? If this is through no fault of your own and as a result of the corona crisis, for example because of a loss of income from a sideline or the inability to receive money from your home country, then, under certain conditions, you can make use of the Student Support Fund. 

a. the Student Support Fund
Do you wish to make use of the Student Support Fund? Use the flowchart to check if you qualify for the Student Support Fund. Do you qualify for the Student Support Fund? Please download the application form and send this completed form with the requested attachments to The new deadline for applications is August 25, 2020. The assessment committee will then consider the application and issue an opinion. The Executive Board will then assess the application on the basis of this advice. We hope that enough donations continue to come in so that we can make regular payouts.

Why not all students in one big gesture? As students do not all want or need to make use of this arrangement or because they see no need to make use of it.

Do you want to contribute to the Student Support Fund yourself? Go to the information under "Can I help other students in financial distress?".

b. postponement of collection of tuition fees
You could only apply for this scheme in the months of March and April 2020. This means that it is no longer possible to apply for this scheme.

What are the options at DUO?
a. loan increase
If you do not yet receive a maximum loan, you can increase your loan (temporarily). This can be done retroactively to the start of this academic year.
>> For more information, please go to DUO/ regular loan.

b. application for supplementary grant
Perhaps you can apply for a supplementary grant. This depends on your parents' income. Applications can be made with retroactive effect to the start of this academic year.
>> For more information, please go to DUO/supplemantary grant .

c. application for tuition credit
If you study at a university or a university of applied sciences, you can borrow extra to pay your tuition. This is called tuition credit. This can also be done retroactively from the beginning of the academic year.
>> For more information, please go to DUO/ regular loan.

Would you like to earn more extra income or have you lost (part of) your sideline?
a. How much are you allowed to earn in addition to your student grant?
The limit for additional earnings in 2020 is cancelled for all students. Some students are working extra in a crucial profession because of the corona crisis. In order not to put anyone in trouble at the moment due to extra earnings, the limit for extra earnings is cancelled in 2020. You may earn additional income in the year 2020 without any consequences for your student grant.
>> For more information, please go to DUO.

b. Have you lost your sideline because of the coronary measures?
Do you find yourself in financial difficulties because you lose your income from a secondary job? If you were in paid employment, you may be eligible for unemployment benefit (“WW uitkering”) from the UWV.
>> For more information, please go to the website of the  Dutch government.

You can, under conditions, apply for an allowance under the TOFA scheme if you have a flexible contract and you don’t qualify for benefit. This scheme provides for a one-off payment for the March-May 2020 period. Applications can be submitted until 12 July via the UWV website
>> For more information and conditions, please go to the website of the Dutch government.
Unfortunately, the information and application form are not yet available in English. If you do not speak Dutch, we kindly advise you to ask for help in applying for this compensation.

As an EU citizen, do I have to meet the 56-hour requirement in order to retain a student grant?

DUO applies the 56-hour requirement leniently, as long as the corona measures apply. If you are now unable to meet the 56-hour requirement, then DUO will look at the hours you have worked before and after the measures.
>> For more information, please go to DUO.

Do I have to cancel my student travel product?

The current answer to that question can be found on the DUO website under the frequently asked questions about the corona crisis.
>> For more information, please go to DUO.

Can I help other students in financial distress?

Our Student Support Fund is designed to donate a modest, but vital sum of money to alleviate the acute financial distress of – mainly international – students. However, we cannot do this without your contribution! You can donate via this link, enter an amount and choose Start payment. 

More about Student Support Fund

What else?

We have set up a study group within the crisis team that is urgently investigating various options. It is not always visible, but we are working very hard to accommodate this need. After all, we are a community together. Initiatives such as taking action instead of money, and opening up various funds are being investigated. We will keep you informed of new developments as well as possible.


Where can I find more information about online collaboration/working from home?

ArtEZ works with Office 365. Office 3675 offers various apps for sharing documents online, digital collaborations, online meetings, online education.  More information about Office 365, tutorials etc. can be found here:

 Office 365 help and tutorials

How will ArtEZ inform me about changes in the guidelines?

We inform students and staff about major changes via this website and by email. So keep a close eye on your ArtEZ mail!

How can I deal with cybersecurity at home? 

During a time when you spend a lot of time at home behind your computer, or on your smartphone, it is important to continue to pay close attention to your cybersecurity. Unfortunately, there have already been cases of criminals who abuse the situation. Therefore, an important warning: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS IN PHISHING E-MAILS!

Don't recognize the sender of an email? Then be careful. Never click on the links in phishing emails. When in doubt, you can forward the email to They will look at it and give advice.

Can I contact the student counsellor?

In times like these, the student counsellors are also available. You can make an appointment with them via the intranet. The appointment will be via phone. The student counsellor will reach out to you after you’ve made an appointment. For more information you can look at: 

Are RE:LINK and the Arnhem Student Point accessible? 

Yes, in Zwolle students can still reach RE:LINK. Pastor Martin Jans is available. Go to the RE:LINK website for the latest updates. 
In Arnhem students can still reach Arnhem Student Point. All activities are cancelled but you can still make an appointment for a personal telephone call with Iris Springvloet. Go to the ASP website for more information.


I travel from or via a high-risk country to the Netherlands. Do I have to self-isolate?

Are you travelling to the Netherlands from or via one of these high-risk countries?
Then you are strongly advised to self-isolate for 2 weeks upon arrival in the Netherlands! You have a responsibility towards other students and members of staff of ArtEZ. As such, we think it is self-evident that you follow this advice. You can check to find out if you are travelling from or via a high-risk country. This self-isolation advice may also apply to students travelling to the Netherlands from European countries. The situation is constantly changing, so it is important that you keep up to date. Please take self-isolation measures well in advance. In order to be able to start your course on time, you should come to the Netherlands earlier. It is also wise to arrange a room from your home country, if possible. 
Any questions? Please send an email to

>> For more information about the Dutch measures against corona, please go to the website of the Dutch government.

What are the guidelines for foreign students at ArtEZ?

ArtEZ has many foreign students that follow a course with us or are on exchange here via a partner institution. We find it important that they too feel at home here, especially during this time. We understand that these students might have questions like:

Would it be better if I went home? Or should I stay? What would be the consequences for the credits? 

We are trying, as much as possible, to let our education continue online. This is not always possible. We advise exchange students to contact the partner institution they usually study at.  Like ArtEZ, many partners will call back their students and guide them in this. ArtEZ will not send her students back to the country of origin. If you return without the request of the home institution, this will be on your own initiative and on your own costs or via your own travel insurance. Make sure, in this case, that you return timely when lessons start again physically.

Foreign students who are doing a fulltime Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at ArtEZ are advised to stay in the Netherlands. From the Netherlands, they will be able to follow classes online. Should you still decide to return, this will also be on your own initiative and on your own costs or via your own travel insurance. Make sure, similarly, that you return in time when lessons start again physically.

Is there any new information about the study progress requirement for students with a residence permit?

Foreign students with a residence permit may suffer a delay in their studies due to corona (measures). As a result, they are not always able to obtain the required number of credits in time to retain their residence permit. In the event of a study delay due to corona, ArtEZ can apply for an extension of the residence permit for these students. The Student Affairs Department examines to which students this applies. Go to IND for more information.

Where can I find more information for international students?

To support the international students the Nuffic has gathered most important information and created an overview. The information overview is published on
Note: due to all developments Nuffic regularly adjusts the overview.

What can I do if I feel lonely or anxious?

In times like these, the student counsellors are also available. You can make an appointment with them via the intranet. The appointment will be via phone. The student counsellor will reach out to you after you’ve made an appointment. For more information you can look at: 


What is ArtEZ doing in the light of the corona crisis?

ArtEZ has formed a crisis team that is coordinated weekly. This team closely monitors this evolving situation, and also develops different scenarios to be prepared for the future.

What guideline does ArtEZ use?

ArtEZ always follows the advice and guidelines of RIVM (The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the GGD (Municipal and Regional Health Services[NS1] ) and Foreign Affairs. 

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