Frequently asked questions for prospective students

Of course, you can address all your questions about the consequences of the coronavirus to our courses. On this page, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions to all of you. 

Information about the courses of ArtEZ 

Check your course information and the contact details for additional questions

Update 29-05-2020 I 09:30

Until when can I register for a course? Does anything change about this because of corona?

On principle, the application deadline remains the same; this differs per course program and can be found in the course information on our website. Incidentally, the deadline for registering for a course may be extended, for example because the admission has also been postponed. Visit the course program of your choice on our website for specific information about this.

Are there still study try-out or information meetings? 

Yes, some courses organizes alternative online meetings. Check all study try-outs in our online agenda.

I will soon have an admission test or audition. Will this continue to take place?

This depends on the course. It is decided per course whether online admission tests are possible and whether the original dates still apply. If you have any questions about an admission test, please contact your course directly.

Can I do my admission test online? 

Entrance exams and auditions can, if possible, also be taken online. Live interaction however is required. Another requirement is that the work you need to show must be easy to assess online.

I come from outside the EU. Can I still get a visa to study at ArtEZ next academic year?

Nothing will change in the procedure for obtaining a visa for the coming academic year. ArtEZ keeps a close eye on reports from the Immigration and Naturalisatie Service (IND) and informs students if anything changes. However, as a student , you may not be able to deliver your diploma and language certificate to us on time (before 1 June), due to the corona crisis. Please indicate this in time via

Do I already have to take an English language test before I know if I have been admitted?

Normally, we would advise you to arrange your language test immediately after you have been admitted. The corona crisis, however, can make it more difficult to arrange a spot for one of the recognized tests in time. This is why we advise you to already plan the test now, just to be sure. This prevents problems at a later time.

Is it still possible to do an English language test during these times?  

In most countries that have ETS/TOEFL test locations, it is now possible to do an online language test at home, as test locations are closed due to the corona virus. This is nog possible in Iran. Check the website for more information:

Please note: IELTS also has an online language test. As it does not meet the requirements, we do not accept it. 

I am currently unable to take the NT2 exam. What can I do?

Do you have to take an NT2 examination to start your course? That is not possible at the moment. The NT2 examinations are currently on hold. If, however, you do get the opportunity to take an NT2 examination before the start of the new academic year, you can let us know the results before the start of the academic year. If you are unable to manage it in good time because of the corona crisis, you can request a postponement. In that case, please contact Student Affairs:

I wish to take a master course. I have not yet completed my bachelor course. I am afraid I will not obtain my diploma in time. What should I do? 

For students who do not require a study visa: It is possible to be granted a postponement if this is due to the corona crisis. Ask your current course for a statement to the effect that they expect you to graduate before 1 January and obtain your diploma. Hand in this statement to student affairs in order to obtain a postponement. 

For students who do require a study visa, national consultations will be held with the IND. As soon as we know more we will inform you. Also keep an eye on this page. 

My current course has been shut down due to the coronavirus. I cannot obtain a diploma or a statement. What should I do? 

At the moment there are national consultations underway to find a solution to this problem. As soon as there is more information we will inform you. If you have specific questions, please contact Student Affairs: 

My preparatory programme is the International Baccalaureate. I have not yet finished my course and/or will receive my diploma later. What should I do? 

If this is your situation, please contact Student Affairs. They will look for a solution for your specific situation.