final Yannick Wandel

Final exam Yannick Wandel

Jazz & Pop
Arnhem online nvt, Arnhem
final Yannick Wandel

Between June 7th and July 1st 2021, the final exam performances of the 4th year bachelor and master students Jazz & Pop Arnhem will take place. 

„...KAPI is a wonderous being. She appears here and there, just like the wind, and like the wind she carries whispers of far away places - Stories to trade for stories. Knowing the language of all things, KAPI is unsettled by a spreading silence, ripping holes into the fabric of her world...“

After 4 years it is finaly time: I am graduating as a Composer!

With my final performance „KAPI & The Child of Silence“
me and my friends will take you on a journey into the magical world of sounds.

The last years have been a wonderful and intense process: An exploration of my own artistic soul and the music that is hidden in plain sight all around us. So I am very happy and grateful to be able to round it all up with this live performance combining music, soundscapes, dance and storytelling.

Live with me on Stage will be:

Luuk Goessens – Narration
Anna Mikuła – Choreography & Dance
Christian Pensel – Flute & Bass Recorder
Maximilian Kelm – Akkordeon
Mikula Schulz – Prepared Grand Piano, Morin Khuur, Khöömei
Samantha Archer – Handpan, Bansouri, Chalumeau
Jaron Tripp – Percussion
Rosa Berman – Violin
Tania Bräcklein – Violin
Anne Eding – Viola
Kim Jäger – Cello
Silvan van den Boom – Saxophone
Jennie Baillie – Violin
Clara Rocio Monzon – Violin
Clara Gresa – Cello
Reinout de Veij Mestdagh – Cello
Nils Neumann – Guzheng, Percussion & Technics
Philip Calisto – Percussion & Technics

Birds & The Wind

Guusje Arts – Foto & Artwork (Based on Painting by Leszek Kostuj)

Concept, Music, Text by Yannick Wandel & Friends

The final exam of Yannick Wandel can be watched live on Facebook on June 14 from 21:00h. 

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