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Final exam Michélle Hartskeerl

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finals Jazz & Pop Arnhem

Between June 7 and July 1, 2021, the final exam performances of the 4th year bachelor and master students Jazz & Pop will take place.

It is a word I have struggled with. Born on an island I have no recollection of, from a country with no strong sense of heritage. Growing up in a country with a very strong sense of family and culture I always found myself lost. Feeling like I didn’t belong but at the same time like I did.

Going through this struggle and finding my own identity, finding the beauty in the fact that I can feel at ‘home’ with the people that surround me, near or far. And in every new place I discover.

I take you a bit through my journey, talk about some people I’ve met, feelings I’ve felt, places I’ve seen and thoughts that have arrived. Ending on a high note, cause what is life if not one big party? 

The final exam of Michélle Hartskeerl can be watched live on Facebook on June 11 from 21:00h. 

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