Toneelschool ArtEZ

School of Acting & Creative Writing final performance NUL NUT

Creative Writing School of Acting
ArtEZ Theatrium Onderlangs 9, Arnhem
Toneelschool ArtEZ

Mara Linde Tieleman graduates from the Drama School with her performance NUL NUT (Dutch spoken) in collaboration with Creative Writing student Mimi Wiggers.


'Who would I be if I stopped adapting myself?'


That's what the woman from ZERO NUT wonders. She is tired. Tired of pressure, of expectation, of others' opinions and the image of what she should be of herself. When she lets go of everything that makes her tired, a force unleashes in her. An urge to start living exactly how she wants. She doesn't fly off the road but decides to drive herself through the guardrails. See how she feels freer than ever before. Embrace her, love her so hard that she can be completely herself for the rest of her life.



The collaboration between Mara Linde from the Arnhem Drama School and Mimi Wiggers from Creative Writing is unique in the history of ArtEZ. It is the first time that students from the Drama School and from Creative Writing have graduated together since both studies were founded. The cross-pollination between these directions gives ZERO NUT a unique edge. So the performance is not only theatrical, it also has a literary layer.


Play: Mara Linde

Text: Mimmi Wiggers & Mara Linde

Dramaturgy: Mimmi Wiggers

Stage direction: Anna Schoen

Dancers: Evy van Elzelingen, Jahliyah Kolf, Marlot Miesen, Ece Gamze Cokluk


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