Mosa - Mika de Pee & Mika Bisschop

School of Acting
Het Nationale Theater Korte Voorhout 3, Den Haag

Final Performance School of Acting

The clock ticks on at a furious pace. Years shoot by and before you know it there is more to look back on than to look forward to. So while we still have the precious time, the important thing is to use it as efficiently as possible to finally die with peace of mind. But ... how? MOSA is a search for the consequences of being mortal. Two rock stars will go to war in a theatrical concert, against the ever-moving time and the inescapable extinguishing of the spotlight.

And now I only have an hour left. And so do you. You have only one hour left dear audience, everything must be done in this one hour. Yes, when you were 10 you resolved to wait until you were 20, then 30. When you were 30, you wanted to wait until you were 40, until you were 50, 60 whatever. Now you only have an hour left, then it's over. But not to worry, a well-spent hour is worth more than years and years of negligence and neglect. Five minutes are enough, ten seconds. We have been given an hour, dear audience, sixty minutes, three thousand six hundred seconds. We are lucky thoug.

About the creators

Mika Bishop and Mika de Pee. Two boys connected by friendship, a love of music and theater and by having the same name. It could not be otherwise that the name of the theatrical hip-hop duo they form has become MIKA. Since their first year at the theater school in Arnhem, they have been researching how to bring music and theater together, how these forms complement each other. Now, in their graduation year and an EP release later, they will play their theatrical concert and also their graduation show MOSA.


Concept and play: Mika Bisschop, Mika de Pee

Guidance: Nick Livramento Silva

Band: Adriaan Koster (drums)

Image: Siebe Pieters

Participating students

Mika Bisschop, Mika de de Pee



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