Teuntje Post & Raf Stekelenburg – GASLIGHT, GATEKEEP, GIRLBOSS

School of Acting
Het Nationale Theater Korte Voorhout 3, Den Haag

Final performance School of Acting

An inspired young journalist visits a mysterious, successful writer to interview him about his reputation as "the voice of his generation", his quick journey to the top of the literary world and oh yes, the slowly growing number of statements from young women accusing him of sexual harassment and abusing his position of power.What follows is an encounter that takes unexpected turns and in which the relationships constantly shift. Why do we believe who we believe and how real are the consequences of "cancel culture"? Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss is a dynamic, humorous performance about power, prejudice and the balance between gen z and millennials." 


Performances: May 26 HNT / June 8 Ins Blau / June 15 Stadstheater 


Text & performance: Teuntje Post, Raf Stekelenburg
Guidance: Judith van den Berg
Text advice: Kasper Tarenskeen

Participating students

Teuntje Post


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