Final Jazz & Pop Arnhem - Pawel Nikody

Final Jazz & Pop Arnhem - Pawel Nikody

ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85, Arnhem
Final Jazz & Pop Arnhem - Pawel Nikody

The finals of the ArtEZ Academy of Music Arnhem students will take place between 5 June and 6 July 2023.

Pawel Nikody (born May 24, 1998 in Krosno, Poland) graduated from the music school at the piano department in Krosno, Poland. He also is a graduate of the Academy of Music in Łódź (Poland) at the Faculty of Jazz and Popular Music. Currently he is studying Jazz Vocal Performance at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Music Conservatory Arnhem in the Netherlands. 
The music he plays is a mix of alternative aesthetics, Pop & Jazz content and electronic sounds. He treats his work as a diary in which he writes down all the accompanying emotions and stories, and which sonically maintains the balance between electronics and acoustic music with modern synthesizer parts. 
Dobrosław Jabłoński  – Main Live Arrangements, Arrangements for brass section, Backing tracks, Scoring, Music director
Paweł Nikody – Vocal & Arrangements, Arrangements for brass section, Backing tracks
Lukas Proske – Music director for Live performances, Piano & Rhodes 
Daniel Vitalij – Bass guitar 
Min Won – Drums 
Marius Holland – Keys & Synthesizers  
Morris Methorst – Guitar 
Megija Maria Kuzmina – Backing Vocal’s Arrangements, Backing Vocalist 
Eftychia Themistokleous – Backing Vocalist 
Marijke Gustorff – Trumpet 
Gilles Vink – Trumpet  
Camilo Bastidas – Tenor Saxophone
Leonel Nordmann – Bartione Saxophone



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