Mirjam Kwebeman, bachelor saxophone Classical Music: It's all about perspective

Classical Music
Zwolse theaters: Schouwburg Odeon Blijmarkt 25, Zwolle Dommerholtzaal

'It's all about perspective', final exam of Mirjam Kwebeman, bachelor student saxophone Classical Music ArtEZ Conservatorium Zwolle

Everyone knows the well-known story of the clown who always makes everyone laugh, but is actually not so happy himself. How is it possible that nobody sees this?
Everyone has their own view of the world and of different situations. In this performance, Mirjam Kwebeman wants to show, through music, images and dance, how important it is to sometimes change your own perspective and to start looking at the world differently.
|How can you do that? This you can fill in yourself, because as the title makes clear; It's all about perspective.




Entrance fee € 5,00

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