Finals exhibition of AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design

Crossmedia Design Fine Art Moving Image
AKI ArtEZ Hulsmaatstraat 35, Enschede

The overview exhibition with works of all AKI Academy of Art & Design graduates of 2022 can be seen from Friday 1 July to Friday 8 July in and around the AKI Academy building in Enschede. 

Work by graduates of the Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture, Media), Crossmedia Design and Moving Image programs is on display. A visit to this exhibition is recommended for anyone who wants to be aware of what moves the latest generation of artists and designers. 

Graduation Catalogue
On the occasion of the exhibition a new graduation catalog will be presented.

Mupi project
In Enschede, a route with works of all AKI ArtEZ graduates can be seen from Monday 20 June to Sunday 3 July. A photo of each graduate's work was selected and printed in Mupi format (118.5 x 175 cm.) On the B-side of the Enschede publex boards, the public can become acquainted with the works in a route through the public space at any time (because it is on display 24 hours a day) .



Fine Art , Design

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