Final Jazz & Pop Vocals - Luuk Goessens

Final Jazz & Pop Vocals - Luuk Goessens

Jazz & Pop Jazz & Pop Arnhem
ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85, Arnhem
Final Jazz & Pop Vocals - Luuk Goessens

From June 7 till July 1, 2022, the final exams of the bachelor and master of Jazz & Pop Arnhem will take place.

Luuk Marcus is a singer, composer and lyricist who draws inspiration from his studies in jazz, pop and other genres. In the past years his focus has been on writing original material in which he explores personal values and honesty. His sound can be described as warm, rich and engaging.

In his graduation concert Luuk will be playing mostly original material with a few exceptions nodding to his history with jazz. Together with a stellar band, it is sure to be a concert worth remembering.


Jetse de Jong: piano
William Barrett: bass
Fabien Vuattoux: guitar
Max Sergeant: drums
Dirk Overbeek: accordeon
Special guest 1
Special guest 2

Participating students

Luuk Goessens




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