Theatre Practices

Studytrips & Partnerships

From trips abroad, to regular theatre visits and collaborations with other disciplines and Universities. 

Theatre Practices is a member of the ArtEZ Graduate School which gather the universe of Master programmes at ArtEZ. The Graduate School is dedicated to transcending the binary model of theory versus practice by acknowledging and encouraging plurality in artistic research beyond traditional or hegemonic methods of artistic production and education. Within the Graduate School, we are part of a cluster of Master dedicated to exploring views associated with practices of Studio, as well as we dialogue with programmes that are affiliated with the performing arts, such as the the MA Art Praxis, Artist Educator or Music Theatre.

International Partnerships

Internationally, Theatre Practices has Erasmus bilateral agreements with, for example, HZT Berlin (SODA), Teak Helsinki, and Academy of Dramatic Arts Zagreb.

Artistic Residence Abroad

Theatre Practices also organises a two weeks artistic residency abroad for all first year students in the context of their module 'Studio Practice & Documentation'.

The Young

Every year, our students participate at 'The Young', an international postgraduate exchange platform dedicated to critical voices that are in the early stages of their research. These exchanges are primarily led, organized by and consisted of students who follow practice-based and theoretical MA studies in the performing arts. The Young is organized together with the University of Gent (BE), University of Roehampton (UK), Utrecht University (NL), Justus Liebig University of Giessen (DE), DOCH (SE), University of Antwerp (BE) and takes place in a different city every year.

photo. Marije vd Berg, maker Paula Walta, perf. Beeldend Danstheater Telder
Maker Paula Walta, Performance by Beeldend Danstheater Telder, Photo by Marije vd Berg,