Summer School Architecture

The central theme of the Summer school 2018 in Arnhem is: Resilient Embankments. Large parts of The Netherlands are below sea level. Due to the climate change there is a growing threat of rising water levels for the Dutch Delta. The water is coming from two sides: the North Sea and the European rivers, of which the Rhine is most important. And the Rhine is subject of our common summer schools.

This is the ArtEZ Summer School Architecture

  • working together with colleagues from Germany and France
  • hands-on workshop
  • bodily experience of the Dutch Delta
  • swimming area at hand (no swimming outside designated area’s; dangerous currents)
  • camping next to the river, across the city centre of Nijmegen


Photo: prof. Leonhard Schenk, Konstanz
Photo: prof. Leonhard Schenk, Konstanz