Composition for Film Online


"Our goal is to enable our students to pursue a career as a film music composer or in a related field."

Matthias Wittwer


Humans are social beings; we need discourse, interests, recognition, collaborators, and friends. That’s how we socialize, and how we live. Why should it be any different for online learning?  Also is working online a natural part of today’s film composers working field. Using this method of working during your study, gives you a head start.

Traditional correspondence courses provide only tutorials and information, checking at the end what has been learned. The difference with us: everything in the Virtual Classroom is just like in real life, but simply online. We accompany our students as they learn and share the process.

There are always just four students and an instructor in the Virtual Classroom. It’s an ideal situation for learning about what inspires us: composing and producing music. The group is the perfect size for efficient learning: everyone learns from each other, asks questions within the group and gives insightful answers, and shares ideas.

It’s fun for everyone, and learning is effective, always under the skilled guidance of the instructor.