Composition for Film Online


"We are all discovering our own way to communicate in the world as composers."

Gonza Zubillaga
Student Composition for Film Online


This online film music composition course aims to bring your competency in composition to a high level, along with solid and innovative audio engineering capabilities. In addition, you develop your own individual musical language.

The necessary compositional and technical knowledge to this end are formed over the course of study.
You learn to effectively compose  and orchestrate by taking part in orchestral and band projects. In terms of style, each student’s repertoire will include everything from pop music to the full orchestral soundscape.

Hybrid productions that combine orchestral music and sampling techniques further expand the audio engineering horizons. You develop professional skills for working with other members of the creative industry by participating in musical aspects of film productions and interdisciplinary projects.

Preparatory course Film Scoring and Production

Students who have already taken part in the year-long preparatory course Film Scoring and Production are already at a very high level of proficiency and expertise. The overall musical education of these students has already been reinforced by extensive instrumental capabilities in musical practice.

Structure of the composition programme

At the beginning of the programme, you will hone your theoretical and practical technical skills. You'll select your own majors, which will shape your studies in successive years. During the entire course of study, you also pursue an instrumental minor subject of your choice. Each year, there are 15-20 online workshops with well-known representatives of the film music scene. These provide you with information and techniques from several different perspectives. Check the full curriculum of the Composition programme.

First year: creating a foundation

Working on two film projects and two independent projects bring up fundamental questions that need to be addressed to each student. This learning process is accompanied by studies in the major, and the results are presented and evaluated at the end of the first year in a transitional examination. After the first year, you will be able to confidently operate the in-house recording studio and its connected concert hall. Among other skills, you will be able to confidently conduct recording sessions with musicians. Minor studies comprise 43 of a total of 60 credits. These range from music theory to rhythm lab to music history.

Second year: new experiences

You will face new opportunities and challenges in the assignments in the second year:

  • Categorizing emotions and implementing them musically
  • Composing and producing in predefined musical styles
  • A film music project with orchestra and hybrid technology.

All of these assignments create new perspectives. In addition, lessons in the major include composition for various ensembles.
10 of 60 credits are available as electives to be selected.
View the list of electives

Third year: immersion and specialization

Analyzing film music and the resulting insights for your own composition process are a key theme in the third year. In addition to the broader study of composition, you write a bachelor’s thesis during the third year. Technical production issues in terms of workflow and tonal quality will be intensively addressed. You will use a theater at a local cinema for surround sound mixes.
16 of 60 credits can be freely selected.

Fourth year: graduation and professional transition

You will discontinue minor studies in the fourth year and concentrate on preparation for the final exams and preparing for professional life.
In addition to a 6-12 week film composing internship of your choice and continued lessons in the major, you work independently on a film music project of approximately 30 minutes.
Courses in the major accompany this entire process. You will be coached to achieve best results during this phase.

After successfully completing your studies, you will receive the Bachelor of Music, Composition for Film diploma.