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Composition for Film Online

  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years
  • English
  • Online

The Composition for Film Online (CFO) program lasts four years and is an online study, which means that you can obtain this full bachelors degree from all over the world.

Composition for Film Online

In brief

  • Follow classes in real time
  • Twenty hours of individual study and three days online ‘in the classroom’
  • You will develop as a musician and also take subjects in your instrument
  • Practise in projects with orchestra and band
  • Maximum four students per group
  • After graduation, you will be able to do all kinds of work. You will also choose a specialisation within the course.
  • Education based on a high, European standard

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Online, but still in-depth

As a contemporary film composer, a large part of your work activities take place online. You can also become a film composer online at ArtEZ. With the expertise available at the academy of music, we will help you on your way to a career in film music.

You will join a virtual classroom online with a lecturer and a few fellow students. There you will go into the subject in depth and become a specialist film composer. In the virtual classroom, you will receive plenty of attention, learn from fellow students and be motivated by working together. You will learn various techniques and participate in projects with bands and orchestras.

Through electives, a specialisation in your own instrument, lots of workshops, knowledge about the studio and everything you need to know about composing, you will develop into a versatile and technically skilled film composer with your own sound over the course of four years.

This is an experience, an opening self-discovery stage for me, a safe environment in which we are encouraged to find our own voice as composers.
Gonza Zubillaga

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