Theatre in Education

Interdisciplinary programme

The Interdisciplinary Programme is a unique collaboration between all ArtEZ teacher training programmes.

In the first three years of their studies, students of the Bachelor’s programmes Fine Art & Design in Education, Dance in Education, Theatre in Education and Music in Education work together on practical projects and also take the course History of Culture together. The mutual relationships between the various art disciplines are key. The interdisciplinary project education of the Interfaculty Programme helps prepare students to be an art teacher in secondary education, particularly in the area of cultural and art education (CKV) and General Art, but also for a role outside the school system in which multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects are the rule rather than the exception.

Introduction to the other art disciplines

The first year is focused on an introduction to the other art disciplines. On the one hand, this is accomplished through the cultural history lectures, during which the links between the disciplines are highlighted from a historical perspective, and on the other hand, through working in an interdisciplinary team on the first-year project, consisting of lectures, activities and a creative assignment. This provides students with insight into their own discipline as well as the other art disciplines.


The second year takes a more in-depth approach, both in the cultural history lectures and in the project. Students from different disciplines work together on location in Arnhem. The various locations and presentations that are developed ultimately create a ‘culture route’ that is followed by senior secondary school students.

Interdisciplinary internship

The third year focuses on applying interdisciplinary working through an interfaculty internship. The internship targets various groups and can be in:

  • senior secondary education, such as developing and implementing a CKV or General Art programme, or
  • outside the school system, taking a target group-focused and interdisciplinary approach. These could be internships in the art education work field or also in the social field.