Master of Music: The Sound of Innovation



You have to take an entrance examination for The Sound of Innovation master course. Besides your musicality, your power to innovate is an important criterion for admission. What do want to innovate? What are your ideas? What do want to develop? And, what research do you want to do?

Admission requirements

  • You have a bachelor's or master's degree and a proven talent for writing, playing or producing music.
  • Don't have a bachelor of Music? Then your incoming musical level must be at least equivalent to the end level of a BA in Music in Education or BA in Music Therapy.
  • You can convincingly prove your talent and development potential with a showreel or portfolio of your own music or audio productions.
  • You passed the entrance examination.
  • You can meet the English language requirement.

Not only music

You can also apply with a background in: Art courses, Musicology, Art and cultural history,  Communication, Sociology, Communication and multimedia design, Education, Psychology, Technology, Law, Economy or Business administration.

Entrance examination

After you apply for The Sound of Innovation master's programme, you will be sent information on admission. The entrance examination consists of an audition/interview that lasts about 30 minutes. During the interview, you will be given a chance to lay out your plans and preferences and ask questions about the course. We will examine whether your ideas and desires match your ambitions, are realistic and feasible and are up to master's level. Interviews are held in April or June. Student from outside the EU? Then you will have your audition via Skype in February or March. You are then notified earlier about whether you have been admitted and have time to adequately prepare.


The interview is based on a personal statement, a showreel or portfolio of work and a promotional video. The promotional video is creative and original. Get to the point as quickly as possible in the video; avoid long introductions or complete songs. Keep it short and concise; maximum length is 5 minutes. Send in your statement, video, and showreel or portfolio at least 3 weeks before the scheduled interview.

Result and validity

The committee will announce the Board of Examiners' recommendation immediately after the entrance examination. It is the Board of Examiners that decides about your placement. You will receive written notification of the results within 3 weeks. Admission is offered only to the course for which you applied in the academic year immediately following the date of the entrance examination.