Moving Image


"By creating moving images you engender a new ‘world’ which is completely real and not the representation of something else.”


Katharina D. Martin
Lecturer Philosophy and Image Theory


During the Moving Image course in Enschede, you will learn to employ moving images cleverly and meaningfully, with a focus on communication through transferring emotions. Moving images are intrinsically powerful and are becoming increasingly important in the international design world.


Visual Poem by Timothy Valenton from MOV IMG selected works on Vimeo.

Moving Image focuses on communication through transferring emotions. Your ultimate goal is to create unique and unorthodox images.

Long and short phases

Learning processes are not linear and this is all the more true with creative processes. Sometimes it takes weeks to make a small step forward and at other times a huge leap forward is achieved in an hour. Moving Image has built this into the programme and developed a special study curriculum with this in mind: short periods of intensive theoretical and practical training are alternated with longer periods in which you will work on productions and projects with others. In the short learning phases, you will learn a great deal in a short time, for example learning to use software programs and learning theory. In the longer production phases, there will be time for meticulous development and implementation of a project and time for contact and knowledge exchange with partners.

Small academic community

You will study Moving Image Design at AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design in Enschede. The AKI is a small academic community of artists, designers, professionals and students. The atmosphere is very personal and everyone knows each other. Various art and design disciplines interact with each other, thus pushing the boundaries and limits of the disciplines.