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Course supervision

Course supervision

Each student is assigned a mentor. This mentor will play an important role throughout the 2-year study period.


The mentor is the student’s go-to contact during the course and there is frequent interaction between the two. The mentor is also the person who will assess the student’s work (during the Individual Productions study module), as well as proposals for auditions, performances, integral assessments or the graduation project.

Coaching sessions

The mentor and student must meet at least twice a year. During these sessions at least the following topics must be addressed:

  • The study plan and possible adjustments for the second year;
  • The timetabling, the mandatory courses and the electives;
  • Study performance, unfinished components, how to resit a failed component, possible alternative assignments;
  • The individual budget;
  • Possible study problems;
  • Study appraisal.

Research groups

In research groups first and second year students, monitored by the research supervisor, discuss their progress and experiences and other themes related to their research. Interactive peer review is the most frequently used work method here.