Interaction Design


In the third year, you will specialise in Information Design or in Digital Audio-Visual Design.

Information Design

In this specialisation, you will delve deeper into the transformation of data into valuable and meaningful information. This happens by collecting data, editing, organising and visualising it in an interactive environment, for example:

  • 'screen based media' and interactive architecture
  • interactive mapping and signposting
  • dynamic representation of quantitative information
  • generative design of large amounts of information in complex databases

Digital Audio-Visual Design

You will specialise in generative design. You will learn to combine film and animation techniques with modern software applications, such as Computer Generated Images. You will also learn about the distribution and accessibility of information and how to apply it. You will not only become proficient in image editing, but will also learn to design independent productions. You will direct, operate the camera and integrate light and sound. You will learn to develop different resources and design, for example:

  • audiovisual productions
  • DVD productions
  • multimedia presentations
  • clips
  • VJ events
  • interactive installations