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Honours Programme 'Theory and Research'



You will follow the Honours Programme 'Theory and Research' as a supplement to the theoretical courses of your own Bachelor’s programme. We gather on Wednesday evenings in Deventer.

The Honours Programme starts from your second Bachelor’s year at ArtEZ and it lasts two years. If you complete an internship or participate in an exchange, then it could stretch over three years.

Year one

During the first year, we will get to grips with critical thinking while also studying the principles of conducting research. The starting point involves reading and discussing texts, for instance about curatorial practices, new materialism, and the performative turn. We will work together in a multidisciplinary context. This will familiarise you with the other arts disciplines and their common grounds or differences. During lectures, reading sessions, workshops and discussion groups you will meet researchers from the arts, science and humanities. You will encounter various approaches and different kinds of curiosities that stood at the basis of (artistic) research projects.

Year two

During the second year, you will be doing research – individually and with others who share certain interests. Within the multidisciplinary context of the Honours Programme you will develop a subject and a form for your research project. This entails searching and finding literature, reading, writing, organizing meetings, inviting speakers, devising experiments, working with test groups, rewriting, rereading, exchanging, building and creating. At the end of year two, the research will be presented to an audience of lecturers and students. In addition, it will be concluded with a written component.

During both years, you will also take part in excursions and special workshops that will be held on a number of Saturdays. Some of these trips are travels abroad. We for instance visited the Ruhrtriënnale (Germany), Manifesta (Belgium) and Skulptur Projekte Münster (Germany).

Exchange and collaborations

The Honours Programme supports international exchange activities. For example:

  • Honours students from ArtEZ and the Honours Academy at Radboud University traveled to New York and Boston to meet with researchers from among others New York Hall of Science, MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) and Harvard University.
  • Student Johannes Kronenberg was selected to present his paper 'What if art created our world?' during the International Student Congress of Fine Arts at Maltepe University in Istanbul.

We also regularly collaborate with the scientific community. An example of this is the collaboration between Honours students from ArtEZ, the Honours Academy of Radboud University and the Society of Arts at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).