Fine Art and Design in Education


Right from the beginning of the programme you will acquire teaching experience through internships and projects.

You will practice your future profession in earnest. You will, of course, be well prepared and have excellent guidance from both the internship institution and the programme. During your study, the internships will become increasingly tailored to your interests and future plans.

Years 1-3

In the first year, you will be introduced to professional practice, through which you will learn what it means to be a teacher in the Arts. Throughout the second and third years, internships will form an increasing part of your study programme. These internships will take place in secondary education or vocational training institutions.

In the first year, you will also learn how to interact with primary school students and will develop your artistic lessons on the basis of a theme. These will be carried out in a short internship with different grades at the primary school.

Year 4

After the internship in your third year, you will be capable of giving both practical and theoretical lessons, of guiding pupils, and of constantly adjusting your teaching method based on critical reflection. Depending on your future plans, in the fourth year you can opt for either an internship in a school setting or one in the arts education field, such as at a museum, art centre or publishing house.

Student teacher placement

In the final year, you can choose to do a student teacher placement. As a student teacher, you will work independently in education for half a year and demonstrate that you have become a fully qualified teacher. A student teacher is not an internship, but is considered as a beginning teacher