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The curriculum is structured to support participants in creating and cultivating an autonomous practice and/or business that they sustain well beyond the two-year duration of the course. It seeks to support the development of this practice and/or business through a combination of individual and collective experiences both within the course and through engagement with external partners, emphasizing a values-based understanding of the world. The programme takes shape as a learning community where each participant contributes their own research objectives and integrated fashion practice. Facilitators, mentors and participants exchange knowledge, skills, competencies and mutual support.

Immersive learning experience

The course embraces an immersive and holistic approach to learning. Working with a facilitator, participants curate a series of short- and long-term immersive learning experiences with external partners to support their research. Through this, participants explore practices, acquire skills and knowledge, form partnerships, and grow supportive and mutually beneficial communities. As part of the immersive learning experience, participants take on active roles within the ArtEZ community and in the daily operations of the course.

Dialogue and exchange

Dialogue and exchange are at the core of our learning community. Participants contribute their experiences and insights in collective dialogues that take a variety of forms. The course hosts reading groups, curates community dialogues facilitated by prominent artists and thinkers, and organizes collaborative writing marathons and public presentations. Participants are encouraged to initiate study groups and to self-publish. At the end of the first and the third semester, we write and publish a book together.

Dress practice

We at all times honor the way we dress and the vulnerability that lies therein as a gift to the world. We experiment, we play, we challenge ourselves and we commit to showing up for each other. We extend this joyful exchange and practice to our immediate and larger community. The course organizes a monthly dance party and encourages students to curate public events and interactions. 

Value based learning

A core practice in the program is compassionate communication, which participants develop through a series of intensives and practice groups. This forms the foundation for a value based approach to research and learning. Once we understand the values we want to see fulfilled in our own lives, we can develop effective strategies to meet those needs for ourselves and for others. 

Community engagement

Since being is always being with, in whatever situation we find ourselves in, we engage with "others". Sometimes "others" are our best friends and our family members, and sometimes "others" have completely different value systems and cultural backgrounds then our own. We are a community of "others".

To grow our awareness around how we engage with “others”, and to encourage a reflective approach to immersive learning, participants take part in a series of classes and intensives focusing on community engagement. We will learn in playful ways about accessing and exiting communities, power dynamics, conflict resolution, consensus decision making, and non-verbal communication techniques. How can we skillfully create an environment of care, trust, respect and mutuality in any situation?


A series of elective classes will be offered that invite students to develop their empathic and performative abilities in joyful, playful and dynamic ways, through dance, song, performance and improvisation.