Fashion Design

Fashion held in common

Fashion is the public domain in which we show up for each other, inspiring and aligning ourselves with others.

Fashion doesn’t limit itself to garments; it expresses itself in our speech, in our movements, in the objects we create, and in the way, we shape and perform our identities and relationships. It is a very lively and exciting space.

Fashion held in common invites you to join us in activating the dynamic and powerful potential of fashion to create social, cultural, ecological and economic change. It offers a clearing, an opening in which experimentation, curiosity and spontaneity are celebrated as operative modes of being.

How do I want to live? What brings me joy? How do I extend that joy to others? Fashion, garments and performativity are our tools and primary means of inquiry. Through our integrated and holistic fashion practices we develop our potential to contribute and engage, and expand our awareness of what it means to be human.

Together and individually we act, make, reflect, test, celebrate, exchange, communicate, participate, and embrace the unexpected. We learn by doing and are inspired by others through collective dialogue and reflection.

The course is both rooted in Arnhem and connected to partners nationally and internationally. A dedicated team of mentors and facilitators supports participants in creating a sequence of immersive learning experiences in diverse localities, communities and fields of practice.
The core values of the course are care, trust, learning, growing, participation, autonomy, communication and community.

The program wishes to support and develop the following research areas, that neither delineate nor exclude;

  • Ecosystems – With an awareness of our interdependence, how do we create our actions and activities to be of benefit to others?
  • Self-Expression – How do we involve the lived experience of our identity formation as a powerful tool to question and lighten our cultural, social and economic conditionings?
  • Community – Can we engage our skills and competencies to contribute to the well-being and joy of others and ourselves?
  • Beauty – How by way of material practices do we both individually and collectively ritualize and give expression to a sensuous and intuitive experience of the world?

You are invited to apply with a substantial research proposal and/or a set of research questions relating to one or more of the areas mentioned above.

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 Textile Roots, introduction week Fashion held in Common at Farm of the World, Húns, Friesland,
Photograph: Takahiro Hasegawa