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Tailor-Made Fine Art and Design in Education



ArtEZ is looking for art and design graduates who would like to teach, and fine art teachers who wish to obtain a first-level teaching qualification. We are looking for students who show openness, take responsibility, want to share, are reflective and willing to study together and exchange knowledge.

Study during Corona

Read the FAQ's about study information events, admission and study at ArtEZ during Corona.  

Tailor-Made BA Fine Art and Design in Education admission requirements

  • Completed higher professional education (HBO) art course or second-level teacher training in drawing, handicrafts, textile arts or visual arts;
  • This course is taught in Dutch and is subject to language requirements
  • Positive assessment.


You can take Fine Art and Design in Education both in Zwolle and Arnhem. These courses differ from each other substantively as well as practically, so apply for the assessment at the location where you want to study. 

To apply for the assessment, please go to Studielink and create an account. After you have registered via Studielink, you will receive an email from the Student Affairs department of ArtEZ and the course will contact you to provide more information and to schedule a date for an assessment.



In order to be admitted to the Tailor-Made BA Fine Art and Design in Education, you will undergo an assessment of approximately one hour. This assessment comprises an interview with a committee of at least two teachers and a presentation given by you. You bring your visual work and give as much insight as possible into your training and practice. Please send a motivation letter explaining why you want to take this course, a CV and copies of your diplomas in advance.

The interview comprises the following topics:

  • Your motivation to take this course;
  • Previous education, presentation of your work from the art course and from your practice as an artist or designer and any teaching experience;
  • Your communication and reflective skills;
  • Your initial situation in relation to the course curriculum of the Fine Art and Design in Education course;
  • The study load;
  • The formal admission requirements;
  • The course curriculum

We advise you to familiarise yourself thoroughly with the course in advance of the assessment, for example by attending an open day or an information evening or by contacting us. You can also gain more insight into the job of a visual arts teacher by visiting a school or educational institution.

The assessment may reveal that a longer study duration or a more intensive programme will be necessary to acquire the final competencies.

Result and validity

The admission becomes final after the Board of Examiners has checked all entry requirements and the proposed course curriculum has been approved. Within three working weeks after the assessment you will receive study advice and your Tailor-Made BA Fine Art and Design in Education course curriculum.