Crossmedia Design


Ina Bode
Head Crossmedia Design


During the Crossmedia Design course in Enschede, you will learn to design in 2D, 3D and 4D and questions such as “what do I want to communicate?” are always considered. The boundaries between the different fields of design are becoming increasingly blurred. Everything that was once static is now in a state of flux. The professional field requires designers who can deal with the limits and possibilities of the new media landscape and can make conceptual and visual choices.

Designer of the future

What do I want to communicate? How can I best reach my goal? What resources should I use? These are the questions you will contemplate as a student of Crossmedia Design. Crossmedia designers apply their individual talents to create an authentic, well-communicated final product.
The products involve both 2D (print): books, posters, folders, logos as well as 3D (spatial): exhibitions, signposting, public spaces and 4D (time-based): film, animations, websites, apps and more. During your study you can choose to specialise in one particular medium, such as film for instance. However, specialisation is not mandatory.

Small academic community

You will study Crossmedia Design at AKI ArtEZ in Enschede. AKI is a comprehensive academic community of artists, designers, professionals and students. The atmosphere is one of intimacy in which everyone knows each other. Different art and design disciplines influence each other which results in a penchant for pushing boundaries.