Animation Design


An internship is a good stepping stone toward work after your studies.

In the second semester of the third year (the sixth semester), you will complete a three-month internship. You will work with an internship lecturer in the fifth semester to begin preparing for this.

Animation by Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn

Contact with professional practice

The internship is meant as experience in professional practice. Most Animation Design students find an internship with animation studios or game developers. You will always select an internship based on your personal interest or your portfolio.

Moment of assessment

The internship is also a moment of assessment to evaluate whether you are at a sufficient level to be able to begin work in professional practice. Among other things, this means you show initiative, are enterprising, can collaborate, and are able to present your work. You will complete the internship by writing an internship report.

Building a network

An internship can be a good stepping stone towards work after your studies. For that reason, Animation Design places high quality requirements on the internship company or client and on the internship guidance from professional practice.