On this page we provide you with our latest updates regarding the Corona virus and ArtEZ. 

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Update 31-03-2020 I 13:55

ArtEZ libraries continue to offer as many services and support as possible

During the closing, our libraries continue to offer as many services and support as possible ( Read more in the tutorial for students). All materials due in this period can be returned when we're open again, WITHOUT any additional late fees. We keep you informed via email, ELO & Facebook.

If you are working on your thesis or research and need help, please let us know. We are ready to support you digitally!

We hope you all stay healthy and take care of each other!

Kind regards,

Marie-Louise Moonen
Head Librarian ArtEZ

Update 30-03-2020 I 17:35

Video message Marjolijn Brussaard

Check out a new video message from Marjolijn Brussaard, President of the Executive Board ArtEZ.

Update 23-03-2020 18.15

Dear students and staff,

These are uncertain times, in which, on the one hand, we are trying to put the interests of our students, employees and partners first and, on the other hand, are dealing with guidelines from the national government.

Last Monday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that all events will be cancelled until June 1st. The obvious conclusion to this would be that this also means that physical education will be cancelled until then. The government, however, has informed the sector that a decision will not be made until Tuesday, March 31.

Some universities and colleges (in our cities too) have gone ahead and announced that they will be closed until the beginning of June and will only offer online education. This decision is not as straightforward for art schools: many of our courses cannot take place without physical or group education, in studios or workshops. Postponement until June 1st will thus lead to drastic changes in the course or exam programs. If we can restart (part of) the education sooner, it would reduce the impact. Therefore, we await the government’s decision on next Tuesday.

Of course, we are all working hard to develop scenarios for each program in the meantime. All heads of courses are currently surveying where we are now, what continues and goes well and what does not (for example the lessons, but also exams, final exams, finals and admissions and auditions); What can we offer if the closure does last until June 1st? How can we limit the impact for the various student groups, what is doable, what has priority and which out-of-the-box solutions are possible? This differs greatly per program.

We work closely with the examination board and keep the participation councils well informed. The course committees are, naturally, also involved in making plans for the courses. The directors keep in touch with the district council and vice versa. We also discuss our scenarios at various levels with fellow institutions in the country, so that we can, for example, jointly submit a request to the minister to broaden regulations.

In addition, together with the other art universities (and in consultation with RIVM), we are investigating whether it is possible to open our workshops and rehearsal rooms to a limited extent, if we have to remain closed until June 1. This will concern individual visits for a short period, not group or educational activities or working in your studio. It is still far from certain whether this will be allowed, but we are working on it.

We have noticed that there is a lot of unrest, due to messages on social media, in the news and from other higher education institutions. We think it is important to choose our own path, in close coordination with the directors and participation council on the one hand and the other (art) universities in the Netherlands on the other. Autonomous and together, taking care of each other, helping each other and staying in touch is something that ArtEZ considers of paramount importance. We also try to keep you informed as much as possible: the most recent information can always be found on the website.

All kinds of questions will arise, keep asking them via the known channels. We do not always have an answer to everything immediately, as this is a force majeure situation that has never happened before. We are working day and night, also at a national level within the board of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and within the sector, to resolve, adjust and provide for matters. Unfortunately, we cannot provide clarity on an end date of this COVID-19 corona crisis, but we can prepare ourselves as well as possible for the scenarios. After Tuesday's decision, we will present a new communication on the follow-up as soon as possible.

Stay cool & stay safe and take care.

On behalf of the Executive Board, 

Marjolijn Brussaard 

Update 26-03-2020 I 16:20

Update faq's for alumni and freelancers

The consequences of the coronavirus for the cultural sector are enormous. In particular, independent artists and freelancers are affected. The Dutch government is doing its best to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. It is also taking measures to help businesses that are affected by the crisis. You will probably have questions about these measures. We have added frequently asked questions from professionals working in the cultural sector to this website. Go to our faq

Update 24-03-2020 I 08:47

Yesterday our government announced new measures and the date of the 1st of June to prevent further spreading of COVID -19, the Coronavirus. We are, as we speak working with the minister of education to determine what that means for your studies. In the event we will have to stay closed this will have consequences for your studies, exams and finals for example. We will continue the talks today and will keep you posted on the outcome on this website.

Warm regards,

Marjolijn Brussaard
President of the Executive Board ArtEZ

Update 22-03-2020 I 18:43

Update faq's

Go to our faq’s for most recently asked questions. We have answers about the 80% participation rule and the Negative Binding Advice.

Update 19-03-2020 I 21:21

Binding advice for students postponed when delay is caused by corona virus

Students not meeting their course’s binding advice (bsa) because of the consequences of the corona virus driven measures, will receive respite. They will be given the opportunity to meet the bsa norm in the next academic year. This was agreed by minister van Engelshoven (Ministry of Educcation, Culture and Science), the Dutch Association of Universities (VSNU), the Dutch Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Dutch National Students Associations (ISO) and the Dutch students trade union (LSVb).
Besides the minister points out the DUO financial arrangements offering students the possibility to temporarily increase their loan. Where required DUO offers customizations.

ArtEZ will embrace these new guidelines and will be detailing the specifics as soon as possible.

Update 19-03-2020 I 20:38

NOS news in English

Good to know: the facebook group 'Nos in English' is hosted by Dutch students who want to provide their fellow non-Dutch speaking students with translations of news articles, specifically regarding the spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands.

Update 17-03-2020 I 11:04

Daily online consultation hours about online lessons for staff

Starting from now every day on working days we have a consultation hour about online learning.

  • From 13:00 – 14:00h you can ask questions about didactics for teaching.
  • From 14:00 – 15:00h you can ask questions about ICT and online lessons.

All questions are welcome. If we don’t know the answers to the questions posed, we will search for more information to help you later on. You can join the consultation hours which we called -Ask me anything- in Teams. Frequently asked questions will be added soon in a faq.

Go to:

Ask me Anything- Didactics and ICT

Update 16-03-2020 I 16:24

Video message Marjolijn Brussaard

Check out a new video message from Marjolijn Brussaard, President of the Executive Board ArtEZ. In this message, you will not only find care and support, but also some practical tips.

Update 15-03-2020 I 20:48

Latest update for employees

The government has decided to close all educational institutions until the 7th of April. That is a week longer than originally announced, also by us. This means that all of our facilities will be closed from Monday the 16th of March and only specifically required colleagues (like e.g. security, ICT, crisis teams) will be present. So all of us should work from home, unless your manager reaches out to and asks you to be present.

Please check the faq for employees for more information.

Update 15-03-2020 I 18:14

Educational activities canceled until April 6 (inclusive)

The Dutch government just announced that the educational activities will be canceled until Monday April 6 (inclusive). The earlier announced date has been extended with a week.

Update 15-03-2020, 15.08u

Students abroad urged by ArtEZ Executive Board to come home

Because developments are happening so fast around the Covid-19 corona virus, air traffic to and from various countries is already no longer possible. That is why the Executive Board of ArtEZ has today urged its students who are abroad for their education to come home.

Please check faq for more information if you study abroad.

Update 13-03-2020, 15.36

This is a video message especially for ArtEZ international students from Marjolijn Brussaard, both as the President of the Executive Board ArtEZ also as a mother.

Update 12-03 2020, 22.00 PM

Canceling of Educational Activities

Frequently asked questions below

Dear colleagues and students,

The Executive Board has decided to cancel the educational activities from tomorrow, March 13, 2020 to March 31, 2020. This is in line with the measures that the government has taken today, as published in the letter to parliament this evening.

We understand that because of the new measures we are entering a phase that affects our education and research. We are working on solving possible bottlenecks that may arise from these measures and we are reviewing all ArtEZ activities and processes, in education, research and operational management. Naturally, the health and safety of our students and employees is paramount, which is why we also ask you to explicitly follow the guidelines of the RIVM and the cabinet.

In concrete terms, this means that we are proceeding with a so-called "soft closure"; tomorrow the buildings will only be accessible to students to pick up work they want to work on. After tomorrow, March 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM, students will be banned from all our premises.

For anyone who does not teach, the buildings remain open so that the other work does not stagnate. You can work from home in consultation with your department and your manager if your work permits this. The senior management teams will coordinate this further with you tomorrow. The heads are in close consultation with their director and we have a crisis team that meets regularly to monitor the evolving situation.

Finally, all of us are now in need of exceptional efforts and adjustments. We are convinced that together, in good cooperation, and in good consultation, we will properly manage the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak for ArtEZ.

For the time being, we will keep you informed by email and via our website. If you have any questions, you can contact your supervisors.

The Executive Board,

Marjolijn Brussaard, Maarten Bremer, Nishant Shah

Update 09-03-2020

New measure by the RIVM. Stop shaking hands
Wash your hands well, cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow and use paper tissues. These general hygiene measures are important to prevent the spread of the corona virus. A new measure is now being added. Since Monday evening, 9 March 2020, there has also been a call to stop shaking hands.

More information

Update 08-03-2020

North Brabant
Last Friday, the RIVM issued a new guideline for the province of North Brabant. The RIVM asks everyone with a cold to limit social contacts. This means: stay at home. The reason for this is that the RIVM wants to slow down the spread of the virus. It is therefore a precautionary measure that applies specifically to the province of North Brabant because there are a small number of cases there, of which the link to Italy is not entirely clear. Almost all other cases are traced back to Italian origin. ArtEZ always follows the guidelines of the RIVM and the GGD. So, if you live in the province of North Brabant, and you have a cold or cough and fever, we would like to ask you to work and study from home. It is therefore wise to now think about how you can best organize this and which creative solutions can be realized to guarantee study progress and work, as much as possible.

If you are too ill to work, the normal sick reporting procedures apply.

For the other regions, the previously issued advice applies: Only if you have been in a country with a major outbreak of the virus (like China, South Korea, Iran or Italy) or if you have been in direct contact with someone who is diagnosed with the virus, and if you have symptoms, you are asked to contact your GP by phone only.

Events and open days
The authorities have right now given no reasons or guidelines to cancel events or open days. Here too, ArtEZ follows the national policy and most of our planned events will continue as normal. In some specific cases, a course or a group may decide to postpone an event until a later date in the hope that the coronavirus will be receding by then. For example, in the case of a large international gathering where travel could be problematic for the participants and hosts at the moment could be rescheduled. This will be reviewed specifically by the host groups.

Do you have more questions? The RIVM has an information number available for all questions: 0800-1351.
And also check our website regularly for the most recent updates:

Update 01-03-2020

End of the holidays in Arnhem
We have received a lot of questions of students and staff about colleagues and students that have been abroad the last week. In acting we do abide by the nation-wide protocol of the RIVM.

Changes are that who experiences a cold or has a fever is just experiencing a common cold or other type of flue. Only if you have been in a country with a major outbreak of the virus (like China, South Korea, Iran or Italy) or who has been in direct contact with someone who is diagnosed with the virus, is asked to contact your GP by phone only.

For all students and staff that have been abroad: if you have not visited one of the risk areas, when you have no symptoms of being ill and when you have not been in contact with a patient who has been diagnosed with the corona virus, there is no reason not to study or work as normal. You are welcome at ArtEZ. When in doubt do contact your GP first.

Have you visited a risk area?
Do follow all the instructions of the RIVM, in short: If you have no health issues or symptoms you are welcome at ArtEZ, it appears (to our knowledge to date) that only when the symptoms are showing it is contagious.

If you get symptoms after returning from a risk area within the first two weeks after your return, even if they are minor such as coughing, possible in combination with fever, please stay at home. Contact your GP or the GGD by phone. And do notify your course by phone or email as soon as you can.

The areas nominated as risk areas at the moment are: China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Singapore, South-Korea, Iran, the northern Italian provinces Aosta-valley, Piedmont, Lombardi, Trentino-Zuid-Tirol, Friuli-Julisch-Venice, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Liguria

How do you recognise the symptoms? This video will explain it to you

More questions?
The government has a phone number open to answer questions of the Corona virus 0800 1351

Update 25-02-2020

Students and employees with plans to travel, are advised to follow to the Foreign Affairs travel advice. What you can find here . Those who have just returned from a country where the virus has recently been found and are concerned, are best advised to check the advice of the RIVM.

Employees and students can go to their supervisor, manager or the dean with questions, comments or for sharing concerns. They are aware of the protocol.

Please note it is important to realise that a common flue has more deadly victims than the Corona virus according to the authorities, only 2 % of those who have contracted the virus will die and those are often in poor health to begin with. So even if the virus is contracted there is no need to panic.