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Booklaunch The Desire of the Medium

cover image The Desire of the Medium
13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018
van 09.00 tot 18.00 uurFrom Enschede to Amsterdam, Diverse locaties
cover image The Desire of the Medium
The Desire of the Medium

On the 13th of February a train ride through the Netherlands will serve as a launch for the book The Desire of the Medium by Dr. Marc Boumeester, director AKI ArtEZ. Along the way, several locations that have a link with themes from the book will be visited. In a philosophical way, Marc Boumeester looks at the way media attracks and operates.  

The Desire of the Medium

Within the Arts there is a lot of attention for what the artist desires with his work. But, according to Boumeester, not enough attention is given to the applied medium. The medium is part of the interplay. What does it desire? In the extensive search for the affective capacities of the medium, Boumeester has developed a comprehensive range of educational programmes that work from the idea that the role and interplay between media can best be measured by attraction. Boumeester: "A grey mouse is a grey mouse, but if you change the context, the mouse also changes color. If you put him in front of a black wall, he will look differently than when you place him in front of a white wall. That's also how it works with the medium, the properties change contextually, but the capacities will not."

Desire travels ahead of love

For the launch of the book, published by ArtEZ Press, the book will travel through the Netherlands, from Enschede to Amsterdam. 'Desire travels ahead of love'. The journey will begin at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, where director Arnoud Odding will accept the first copy of the book.  

Throughout the day travellers can expect lectures, performances and signing sessions from the author, photographers who've worked on the book, and students from the ArtEZ Bachelor Dans. In Amsterdam, after a short tour visiting bookshops and other establishments, the book will be presented to Taco Dibbits, director of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. 

The book is available on the ArtEZ Press webshop. You can find more information on the website of The Desire of the Medium.

 Route en programma

09:00 Breakfast at AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design, Hulsmaatstraat 35, Enschede. Provided by: Twents Beleg.

10:00u Presentation of the book to Arnoud Odding, director Rijksmuseum Twenthe.
11:14u Departure Enschede Station 

-          Between Almelo and Deventer Marc Boumeester will give a short lecture via onboard AV-systems and smartphones. 

12:00u Arrival Deventer Station.
12:05u Signing session and  performance in ‘TRANSFER 3II4’  located between track 3 and 4 on Deventer station. 

12:48u Departure Deventer Station

-          Between Deventer and Apeldoorn Ahmet Polat will give a short lecture.

-          Between Apeldoorn and Amersfoort Bert Teunissen will give a short lecture.

-          Between Amersfoort and Hilversum Sjoerd van Oevelen & Elodie Hiryczuk will give a short lecture.

14:00u Arrival Amsterdam Central Station
15:00u Presentation of the book to Taco Dibbits, director of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

15.45u Reading by Helen Westerik in Athenaeum Bookshop.  
16:30u Drinks and sales at artist society ‘De Kring’

18.00u End of programme. 




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