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ArtEZ Invites 2024

At ArtEZ Invites you can boost your own development, practice and network! The Invites event is specially organised for ArtEZ alumni and students and is free of charge. The day will be packed with lectures, conversations and workshops on relevant topics and issues.

ArtEZ Onderlangs 9 Arnhem



You don't want to miss this! This Invites edition's guests are: Julia Janssen, Sanneke Huisman, Danny Moons & Merel Witteman and Peter Kee & Willemijn Veenhoven.

11:00 - 12:30
Rietveld canteen
Exhibiting artworks: a behind-the-scenes look (in English) Sanneke Huisman
13:15 - 14:45
Rietveld canteen Dear data, do you know me? Or, do you control me? (in English) Julia Janssen
15:00 - 16:00
Rietveld canteen Your website stinks! The webwide world of greenhouse gas emissions (and how to reduce them) (in English) Danny Moons + Merel Witteman
17:30 - 19:00
Focus filmtheater
Industry talk (+ networking drinks after 19:00) (in Dutch) Willemijn Veenhoven + Peter Kee


Read more about our guests and their Invites sessions below.

Sanneke Huisman

Exhibiting artwork - how does it work, and what are the requirements? As a freelance curator and researcher in the field of media and digital art, Sanneke Huisman (1985) explores these questions on a daily basis. She meets artists in their studios and visits numerous exhibitions. But she also surfs all corners of the web, writes exhibition texts and proposals, creates budgets, moderates conversations and sends out countless emails. 

Sanneke is an art historian and works as a writer, critic and curator specializing in media art. She is co-editor and author of A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands: Platforms, Policies, Technologies (Jap Sam Books, 2019). Recent exhibitions she curated include Ekstasis. A Universe of Light and Sound (Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, 2023) and REBOOT. Pioneering Digital Art (LI-MA and Nieuwe Instituut, 2023). Sanneke also writes about contemporary art for magazines and museums, including Metropolis M and Centraal Museum Utrecht, and is a guest lecturer at institutions such as ArtEZ University of the Arts, Leiden University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She previously worked as an advisor at Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and is currently an advisor at Cultuurloket DigitALL.

The Invites presentation + workshop: Exhibiting artworks: a behind-the-scenes look (in English)

As an artist, your main focus is probably on creating, but you are also involved in the practice of exhibiting. How do you ensure that your work is displayed in the right place and in the right way? Being in contact with curators can help, as can good pictures, an updated portfolio and a website. However, the 'behind the scenes' of your work is also very important. Documenting your process, saving files the right way and responding to emails are crucial elements of the practice. In this presentation and workshop, Sanneke invites you into the world of exhibitions, sharing her experiences. She will show the exhibitions she has curated and talk about how she collaborates with artists. Additionally, we will explore together what artists can do (such as how to keep your work up to date) so that you can continue to exhibit your art in the future. 

Website Sanneke: sannekehuisman.nl

Julia Janssen

Get ready for a journey beneath the surface of the Internet. Through various projects and installations, our guest Julia Janssen will present her research and vision on data, bias in algorithms, artificial intelligence and human rights.

Julia Janssen is an Amsterdam-based artist, researcher, public speaker and ambassador of data protection. She makes the challenges of our digitalising society tangible in art and design. Through performative and interactive installations she makes her audience aware of the underlying infrastructures of data-driven technologies, such as informed consent, bias in AI and the right to be forgotten. Julia's work takes you on a visual journey and explores how to deal with fairness, autonomy, freedom and democracy in a data-driven society. She is also an ambassador for the Dutch Data Protection Foundation, representing lawsuits against X. / Twitter, Amazon and Adobe. Throughout her practice, she creates awareness and movement to make the internet a better place. She was recently named a Rise25: an award from Mozilla that celebrates 25 people around the world who are reshaping our digital future.

The Invites session: Dear data, do you know me? Or, do you control me? (in English)

Creating and defining a career(path) for yourself is challenging and not something that can be easily taught. Making decisions along the way is crucial, but can be very scary. It's about finding a balance in many different aspects like creative freedom, money, time, entrepreneurship, making, presenting, opportunities, risks, confidence, doubts, following a process and setting goals. Julia will give an insight into her working methods and share some key lessons and considerations in this talk. The Invites session consists of a keynote presentation and an interactive part. The interactive part will focus on data profiling and digital identity. We will play a short game with our own personal data to understand the complexity and impact of this topic in a fun and informal way. Julia will show you how to find out what companies know about you - and how to request the right to be forgotten.

Website Julia: studiojuliajanssen.com

 Danny Moons + Merel Witteman

The world’s largest coal-powered machine, better known as The Internet, is responsible for almost 6% of all CO2 emissions. That’s as much as all emissions of India – a lot. But, why does the internet produce so much CO2? Where are these emissions generated? What happens when you hit enter after typing in a URL? Which parts of a website contribute most to its footprint? And, can we redesign and recode websites so they produce less CO2?

Merel Witteman has a background as a designer and art director. She founded MaartjeMerel after graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven and worked at the advertising and communication agency KesselsKramer. Recently, she exchanged her job for a master’s in Environmental Science & Technology, where she learned about climate change and how to analyse and quantify ‘sustainability’. Currently, she is working at the intersection between science and the creative industry, contributing to various projects aimed at bettering the planet. Danny Moons designs and develops sustainable websites. In 2023, he built over 30 websites that are cleaner than 80% of the web on average. He works for a super diverse clientele: theatre groups to physiotherapists, social funding concepts to solar system installers. He believes that sustainable websites should not be exclusive, expensive, and for the few, but affordable and accessible for everyone.

The Invites session: Your website stinks! The webwide world of greenhouse gas emissions (and how to reduce them) (in English)

Danny and Merel joined forces and got granted Stimuleringsfonds’ Digital Culture subsidy to investigate the (im)possibilities of radically reducing the footprint of self-built websites of creatives. Are you using a WordPress theme for your (portfolio) website? Does your website show high-resolution images and/or video? You might be able to reduce the footprint of your website by up to 90%. During this ArtEZ Invites session, Danny and Merel will share their first findings on their research on the webwide world behind the worldwide web’s carbon footprint. The session will be partly theoretical, where we will try to grasp the ungraspable web and imagine how this unimaginable network works. Secondly, we will dive into 10 concrete actions you can take to radically reduce the carbon footprint of your website.

Website Merel: merelwitteman.com
Website Danny: hulpmetmarketing.nl

Willemijn Veenhoven + Peter Kee


Willemijn Veenhoven is a journalist and presenter. Together with comedian Dolf Jansen, she presents the satirical current affairs programme Spijkers met Koppen on Radio 2 and since 2023, she presents Kunststof. Willemijn also hosts the television programme Vroege Vogels, in which she explores Dutch nature. She previously presented the talk show OP1 and for many years presented programmes on Radio 1, including BNN Today and De Nieuws BV. Peter Kee is parliamentary editor of Op1 and political commentator at the Nieuws BV on NPO radio 1. Previously, he was editor at Buitenhof, editor-in-chief of De leugen regeert and political editor at Pauw & Witteman and Pauw. He has written two books: Het briefje van Bleker, about intrigues in the Binnenhof, politicians, spin doctors and Pauw & Witteman. And most recently, Code Red, about how the Corona policy was created in the back rooms of power.

The Invites masterclass: Industry talk (In Dutch)

Willemijn and Peter are very experienced in their profession. They both know like no other how to present (yourself). The masterclass will start with an insight of their own networks. Together we will explore questions such as: How do editors work? What do they often notice about cultural guests who present themselves in the media? After this introduction, the participants will be put to work and we will conclude with a conversation about art and activism and the social meaning of art.

Networking drinks

After the masterclass, there will be time to get to know each other. Industry professionals are invited to this evening. The perfect opportunity to immediately put your newly acquired knowledge into practice and, who knows, get in touch with a fund provider!


Entry is free, but due to limited places you do have to register in advance. Are you not a student or graduate of ArtEZ, but would like to come to the Invites? Let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

We use Eventbrite for registrations.

Media Arts Festival Arnhem

It is no coincidence that on the weekend of the Invites, an other art event takes place in Arnhem mainly focussing on the Friday and Sunday. The Media Arts Festival Arnhem (MAFA) takes place for the third time. It will be a weekend full of films, presentations, performances, experiments and talks. The Invites on Saturday fits perfectly in between. The two events complement each other and on Saturday they will come together with a joint evening programme.


For questions, please contact ArtEZ Academie voor Art & Design Arnhem (artdesign.arnhem@artez.nl).