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Online information session (pre) master courses Academy of Music Enschede

  • Online Event

Have you decided on your choice of study? Or are you not quite sure yet? Maybe we can help you tie the knot!


Online Event

The Academy of Music in Enschede organizes 3 online information evenings where you can learn everything about the (pre) master course Music Therapy and the master in music: The Sound of Innovation.

Lecturers and students are available online to answer questions about the course, the admission procedure, future prospects, student life in Enschede and all matters that are important for you to make a good choice. It will also be told what an audition training looks like in practice.

The session dates are:
Tuesday 12 December 2023
Tuesday 13 February 2024
Monday 11 March 2024

Registration Information Session

Sign up via the buttons below for the course you are interested in, you will be invited shortly in advance via a link to participate in the information session. We use Eventbrite for registrations.

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