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MonkeyJam Arnhem

Monkey Jam Expands South! From September, Colored Monkeys jams every 4th Thursday of the month in Café Bosch Arnhem. The jam will be started by the Colored Monkeys house band, then the stage will be free for all musicians present to join in!

In collaboration with: Plank Arnhem, Cafe Bosch, Popcentrum Jcobiberg, Rym Arnhem. You are all cordially invited to this first edition on Thursday September 28, from 20:00 we will go wild on the beautiful stage of Café Bosch. More great news soon, keep an eye on the pages of Colored Monkeys!

Café Bosch Apeldoornsestraat 4a Arnhem
MonkeyJam Arnhem

Monkey Jams at Café Bosch Arnhem:

- 28 September 

- 26 October

- 23 November

- 28 December