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Karavaan Performances by Music Theatre Students

Third-year students of ArtEZ Music Theater perform during the Karavaan Festival Alkmaar 2023! An apocalyptic-satirical musical theater performance about the distant, distant future of humanity.

Karavaan / Landgoed ter Coulster Kennemerstraatweg 434 Heiloo, Landgoed ter Coulster, Heiloo (Noord Holland)
Karavaan Performances by Music Theatre Students

Estate Ter Coulster more than 600 years old
In honor of this ancient estate and the idea of ​​this estate for the future, third-year students of ArtEZ Music Theater are making an apocalyptic-satirical music theater performance about the far, far future of humanity. A book about this more than 600-year history will be published on 13 May. In it you can read about the turbulent history of the castle, the many farms and the colorful and influential, mostly noble, families who owned it from 1400 onwards. These families in turn had connections with important people from history such as: the counts of Holland, van Oldenbarnevelt, Johan de Wit, Vondel and Erasmus. The book is also for sale after the performance (as well as the Ter Coulster beer).

About the creators
Joeri Heegstra is a writer and director. In recent years he has made various performances about the climate crisis, such as Power with Likeminds, a monologue for an 18-year-old climate activist, and Horizon with his own theater group Opening Statement. Last November he also worked with students from ArtEZ Music Theater on Doomscroller, a study into doom thinking, heavy metal and social puberty anxiety.
ArtEZ's interdisciplinary Music Theater program trains the idiosyncratic theater makers of the future. Makers who think and work from music and relate to the world near and far.
Karavaan has been working with ArtEZ Muziektheater since 2019. A collaboration that has resulted in a number of exciting location performances, including Duinland (2019), Trek (2021), Tot Hier (2022).

CREDITS: Director: Joeri Heegstra | From and with: Jip Verwegen, Eveline Baçe, Soleil Reichardt, Felix Draisma, Esmee Baerts, Daan Timmerman, Meike Gunneman, Wannes Aelbrecht, Mees Smits, Steven van Oudshoorn, Jules Christopher | Production: Heleen Kalkman


The Performances will take place from 18 to 29 May at Landgoed ter Coulster, Heiloo.
You can reserve a spot via: https://www.karavaan.nl/voorstellingen/muziektheater-over-natuur/#vdmorder




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