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What is home?

With their artistic work, ArtEZ's (international) students and alumni invite you to think about the concept of 'home'. They also draw attention to the difficulties they encounter in their search for housing. They do this not in words, but with images and objects that stay with you. Because that is the power of art.

Come along and also share your ideas about what home means to you now and what could be a home in the future.

Stadhuis Arnhem Koningstraat 38 Arnhem

Alejandro Jiménez (BEAR Fine Art), Fabienne Eggink (Interior Architecture Zwolle), Vanessa Vallejo Cunillera (Crossmedia Design), Mily Bogaarts, Suzanne Bongers, Asuka Kondo, Jingya Yu (alumni Product Design), Fay (Performance Practices) and Dhiren Rao (alumnus Product Design).

Background information: creating awareness through art
Not being able to find a room is a huge problem for students. After all, living space is an essential condition for feeling at home somewhere. When you feel at home, you can participate in society and concentrate on your studies.

Together with students, ArtEZ therefore started a project to draw attention to the housing problem. This exhibition is one of the initiatives and was previously on show within ArtEZ, during the Week of the International Student.