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Study Try Out: VJ workshop Design Art Technology

Hey VJ Video workshop participants!
For three to four hours you will work with software that teaches you to program visuals.
That program is called Touch Designer. Using midi controllers and the help of DAT students, you create moving visuals that respond to the music. At the end of this workshop, the contributions of all participants will be presented in a live Visual Show.
How cool is that?

ArtEZ Oude Kraan 26 Arnhem, room 26.05B

The workshop will be introduced by Daan van Dijk, the head of the department after which María will introduce her work, methods and the assignment.
Design Art Technology students will also participate and help out so there will be plenty of time to learn more about the program.

About DAT by ArtEZ
Our world is increasingly characterized by digital technology: from physical devices such as computers, smartphones, screens and robots to invisible systems that enable our communication. Internet, data, software, algorithms and artificial intelligence, for example. This technology has a major impact on our society and our lives. Social media is changing the way we represent ourselves and communicate with others. Algorithms influence what information we can and cannot see. Displays and smart technology are changing our behavior and our environment. Robots and artificial intelligence are even changing what it means to be human. At Design Art Technology, students are challenged to think about these changes.

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Fine Art , Design