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Winterlab Zwolle – Inner & Outer acts

Winterlab is an interdisciplinary project week in which over 400 students, from ArtEZ Art & Design, Theatre in Education and Music in Education from Zwolle, are introduced to different (art) practices. Students can choose from 24 different labs that form a blend of all kinds of disciplines to step outside their own educational framework. During this edition there will be several public 'outer acts' that are open to those interested. These include performances and radio broadcasts.

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Diverse locaties . Zwolle, Various time slots between 10:00-18:00 daily.
Winterlab 2023
Winterlab 2023

Inner & outer acts
With 'inner & outer acts', this edition of Winterlab invites students to move inward and outward. It is based on the idea that in artistic practice the inner world interacts with the outer world, but this is not a one-way street: when a thought or artwork is made public, resonance, friction, and new information are created, which in turn can influence the creator.

24 labs
Each lab will be led by a creator, duo, or collective who will work from their own practice and knowledge. During the week, attention is paid to how they deal with the inner and outer worlds. This can be interpreted broadly. Think of studio practice versus exhibiting or performing, how to make sure that as a maker you are fed by the outside world, or the physical movement between a confined space (classroom) and the public space.

In some Labs there will be a particular focus on personal well-being and somatic exercises; and how this then relates to collaborating with others and making your work public. Other Labs will instead start from a collective need and external impulses and absorb and reflect on these individually.

Future Storytelling Lab
During this edition, 6 labs will be provided by the Future Storytelling Lab led by Arjen Hosper (Head Teacher of Theater). The Future Storytelling Lab lets (former) students, together with external creators, conduct innovative research into the impact of new technologies on their practice and how to position themselves as creators in a rapidly changing world which ties in closely with the theme of this edition of Winterlab.