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Final Jazz & Pop Guitar - Frederik Taubenheim

  • Finals

From June 7 till July 1, 2022, the final exams of the bachelor and master of Jazz & Pop Arnhem will take place.

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ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85 Arnhem

This is an ArtEZ finals event

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Final Jazz & Pop Guitar - Frederik Taubenheim
Final Jazz & Pop Guitar - Frederik Taubenheim

Frederik Taubenheim is a guitarist, inspired and motivated by sounds and innovation. He draws his inspiration from alternative ways to play his guitar. Creating and experimenting with Sounds, playing them through effects, he meticulously finds new ways to compose in the moment.
Communicating. Listening. Reacting. Frederik finds himself, describing his own personal dystopia.
Extracting cruel and confronting sounds of him and his musicians. A scenery of colors and imagery will undoubtedly unhinge you.
Be swept away. Be open. His final will be a conceptual free improvised set, played by a sextet of experienced musicians.


Frederik Taubenheim - Guitar, Synthesizer
Marius Lamm - Sounds / Percussion
Inga Rothammel - Alto Saxophone
Etienne Nillesen - Extended Snare Drum
Kim Kamilla Jäger - Cello
Mikula Schulz - Prepared Piano

Participating students

Frederik Taubenheim