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Final Jazz & Pop Drum - Marius Lamm

  • Finals

From June 7 till July 1, 2022, the final exams of the bachelor and master of Jazz & Pop Arnhem will take place.

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ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85 Arnhem

This is an ArtEZ finals event

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Final Jazz & Pop Drum - Marius Lamm
Final Jazz & Pop Drum - Marius Lamm

Marius Lamm is a drummer and composer active in Jazz, improvised, experimental and modern creative music.

For his Final, he has put together a homogeneous mixture of his original compositions, which are brought to life by the musicians he trusts in. The compositions send the band on a journey through convention, innovation, the world of sounds and improvisation. Music that arises in the moment and is open to the unexpected. 


Frederik Taubenheim - Guitar, Synthesizer, Sounds 
Mikula Schulz – Synthesizer, Sounds 
Philipp Rüttgers – Piano, Synthesizer, Sounds 
Leon Dehne – Saxophone 

Participating students

Marius Lamm