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Introduction evening vocals Jazz & Pop

If you want to study Jazz & Pop vocals, register for the Jazz & Pop Introduction evening at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle.

ArtEZ Conservatorium Aan de Stadsmuur 88 Zwolle
Introduction evening vocals Jazz & Pop
Introduction evening vocals Jazz & Pop

During the Introductory Evening you can take a theory test, sing one song and you will receive information about the program from the main subject teachers.

If you sing:

  • the main subject teachers give you honest advice about whether you should do an entrance audition and how you can prepare for it.
  • there is a pianist present. We'd rather you don't accompany yourself on the piano so you can concentrate fully on singing.
  • send the sheet music or lead sheet in the correct key for you, preferably 2 weeks in advance to m.vanwessel@artez.nl
  • Due to the corona measures, a maximum of 7 people can sign up for this Introductory Evening. The rule here is first come...
  • if it is full, you can register for the Introduction evening singing Jazz & Pop on 14 March
  • You can bring a maximum of one extra person

Registration for the evening is mandatory, you can register via the button below.

Sign up for the Introductory Evening