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Lunchconcert Dutch Classical Talent

The Animato Quartet consists of: Inga Våga Gaustad - violin, Tim Brackman - violin, Elisa Karen Tavenier - viola, Pieter de Koe - cello.

Muziekcentrum, Kleine zaal Noorderhagen 27 Enschede
Lunchconcert Dutch Classical Talent


What the Sacre du printemps was to orchestral music, Debussy's string quartet was to chamber music. Debussy made short shrift of the rather entrenched structures of the string quartet. He wrote a work full of exotic harmonies and melodies, and a floating, unstable rhythm with which he opened a new world of sound. Not for the first time, Debussy left his critics in despair in the concert hall after the premiere. In Three Pieces for string quartet, Stravinsky in turn bridges the gap between the unpolished and direct style of Petrushka and the Sacre du printemps to the more structured style of his neo-classical period. The jury about the Animato Quartet: 'Four top players with a vibrant energy, they captivate you from the first note! The quartet serves each other and the music and is the great promise of the Dutch string quartets.'

The lunch concerts are an accessible way to get acquainted with different music genres.
Students from ArtEZ and Codart and young talented musicians together provide a varied programme, from chamber music to jazz. Lunch is of course also possible. Soup and sandwiches are available for a fee in the Muziekcentrum. The concerts last about an hour and start at 12:30.

Ticket sales
A ticket costs 5 euros, the proceeds go to the students.

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Corona measures
Visitors from 13 years old must show a corona ticket. What does that mean to you? For a performance or concert, show your corona ticket at the entrance. You can create it via the CoronaApp or via www.coronacheck.nl if you have a:

  • vaccination certificate (the corresponding QR code can be downloaded in the special app or can be requested in writing from your GP); or
  • a negative test result of a maximum of 24 hours old (note, arrange this via www.testenvoortoegang.org so that you receive a QR code); or
  • a proof of recovery of corona of a maximum of 6 months old (downloadable in a special app).

*Unfortunately, we cannot check yellow booklets, negative test results from self-test or results from third parties that offer tests and are not valid as an entrance ticket.