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What does artistic research look like within ArtEZ?

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Are you interested in research in the arts? As part of the Researchers@Work meetings, ArtEZ Studium Generale organizes an event for ArtEZ Bachelor and Master students interested in research, for researchers of the ArtEZ professorships and for anyone else within ArtEZ interested in research by and in the arts.

ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85 Arnhem, Kraton Building ArtEZ Arnhem: k4.04
Image: Alessandra Varisco & Lu Lin, 2021
Image: Alessandra Varisco & Lu Lin, 2021

The event is organized around the selected contributions in response to the APRIA Open Call Where do we feel at home? Redefining Oikos. With short films and conversations on the presented research contributions and an open discussion about what research can look like within ArtEZ.

ArtEZ professor Tactical Design Jeroen van den Eijnde is moderator of the event. Contributors to the APRIA Open Call and members of the APRIA platform advisory board for the Open Calls will take part in the conversation.

To be totally prepared for the event, check out the contributions from the APRIA Open Call, Redefining Oikos: Where do we feel at home?

Admission is free, register here.