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ArtEZ String Ensemble

  • Online Event

The ArtEZ String Ensemble consists of students who study violin, viola or cello Classical Music at the ArtEZ Academy of Music. Twice a year there is a project for this ensemble in which two concerts are given after an intensive short rehearsal period.

Online Event
ArtEZ Strijkersensemble
ArtEZ Strijkersensemble

ArtEZ String Ensemble conducted by Sarah Kapustin

The corona measures severely limited the possibilities for a live concert last academic year. Fortunately, a good registration of the program could be made in collaboration with the Media Music department of the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Enschede. The recordings took place on 27 May in the Arkezaal of the Wilminktheater in Enschede.

Thanks to the Media Music students Connor O'Hara, Tijs de Goei and Bruno Abspoel for the recordings and the audio engineering!


J.B. Lully Les Ballet Des Muses


 I. Stravinsky Apollon Musagete